Qualifications/General Information

Membership Qualifications

Joining your professional association is vital to successful career growth. Membership in CMAA will: 

  • Greatly expand your knowledge and competency in your chosen field; 
  • Provide you with valuable opportunities to network, exchange information and discuss common issues and concerns; and 
  • Provide opportunities for you to develop leadership skills as you build friendships that will last for a lifetime. 
A person who, at the time of applying for election to membership in the Association is connected with the management of clubs, is eligible for PROVISIONAL membership. Provisional members receive all CMAA member benefits except the right to vote and hold elected office. Provisional members qualify for ACTIVE status after 12 months of membership in the Association and the accumulation of 15 Education credits. 

An applicant must first apply for membership in the local chapter having jurisdiction over the area in which his/her club is located. Once elected into chapter membership, the individual simultaneously becomes a member of the National Association. To receive a membership application or for other membership information, please contact the Virginias Chapter at vacmaa1@gmail.com.

Virginias Chapter Boundaries

Boundaries for Chapter membership: The counties of Shenandoah, Warren, Fauquier, Prince William, plus all counties south in the state of Virginia, plus West Virginia west to and including the counties of Hardy, Grant, Tucker, Barbour, Upshur, Webster, Nicholas, Fayette, Raleigh, Wyoming and McDowell. (Charter Date: 1986) 

The Club Managers Association of America represents and responds to the needs of all its members and is a strong and effective advocate for professionalism in club management. In addition to the services and resources available through the CMAA National Headquarters, the Association draws upon hundreds of its members to actively participate on national committees and in focus groups. Committee members willingly contribute their time and energy toward enhancing the effectiveness of the Association, which acts as a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and the means of working together for the mutual benefit of all members. Committees are charged with the responsibility of shaping creative ideas into new programs which must be approved by the National Board of Directors and implemented by the national staff. Also, they are responsible for working with and providing direction to the 50 CMAA senior chapters and approximately 30 student chapters and colonies throughout the world.

A Commitment to Excellence

Challenging complex and dynamic changes that will alter the profession of club management as it is practiced today exist in the near future. These changes include: 

  • A rapidly aging population; 
  • Shifting regional demographics; 
  • Increased regulatory and legislative requirements for clubs; and 
  • The impact of advanced technology on communications. 
CMAA recognizes a responsibility to assist you in meeting the challenges resulting from these changes. To fulfill that responsibility, we invite you to take part in our educational programs and member services and to make a commitment to excellence by becoming an active member of the Club Managers Association of America. Only then can you help mold and strengthen the role and image of the club management profession within the industry you serve.

Virginias Chapter CMAA
The Commonwealth Club  |  804.648.6543 eabuneel@thecommonwealthclub.net  

BRANDON JOHNSON                                                          
Vice-President, Co-Education, Student Chapter
Farmington Country Club  |  434.245.0691 bjohnson@fccva.com
JULIE BROWN , CPA                                                            
Farmington Country Club  |  434-296-5661 jbrown@fccva.com  

THOMAS M. OSBORNE, CCM                                             
Secretary, Co-Education, Communications
The Country Club of Virginia |  804.288.2891 Tom.Osborne@theccv.org
DANIEL  JORDAN, CCM                                                      
Vendor Partners, Golf Tournament
Salisbury Country Club |  804.784.6841 Djordan@salisburycountryclub.com

JOHN KELLY, CCM                                                              
Richmond Country Club  |  804-784-5272 johnkelly@richmondcountryclubva.com  

CASEY THOMAS                                                                  
Wine Society-Social, Technology
Willow Oaks Country Club |  804.272.1451 cthomas@willowoakscc.org  

CHRIS WELLES, CCM                                                          
Co-Membership Willow Oaks Country Club  |  804.272.1451 cwelles@willowoakscc.org  

KRISTI FELLENSTEIN, MPA, CCM |  Executive Director     
Advocacy/Legislative, Club Foundation, National Chapter Alignment